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Susanne Elmer

Texas Resource for Barefoot Horses



Hoof Meetings are currently being held Monthly in the Houston area.The purpose of the meetings is to share knowledge about natural horse care, natural hoof care, and what owners can do to take care of their horseís feet in between visits from professional trimmers or farriers.

The next Houston area meeting will be on the 29th of September in Conroe, TX.The topic for this meeting will be educational materials.We will be discussing what every horse owner needs to know about hoof care and putting together post board for display at the Blue Bonnet Equine Humane Societyís annual fund raising expo where Iíll be giving a talk and offering the educational information.




Hoof Meetings are being planned for the DFW, San Antonio, and Austin areas.††† For more information about any of the hoof meetings you can



Houston: Susanne

San Antonio:Susanne



We are also in the planning stages of trying to offer short 1-2 hr classes on natural horse care and will be publishing a schedule for those by the end of the year.