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 Susanne Elmer

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Welcome To the Genuine Texas Hoofmanship Clinics!






These clinics are run by Susanne Elmer and Gates Billette.  Susanne is a certified mentor hoof groom and AANHCP student.  Gates is a farrier with over 35 year experience as a professional farrier with his last 5 years being focused on natural trimming methods.  Between Susanne’s focus on new veterinary research and understanding of basic physiology and Gate’s lifetime of experience as an owner, driver, rider, and farrier this dynamic clinic will show you the biology behind good hooves vs bad hooves and how to develop the best hooves your horse can have as well as introducing the concepts of how to trim and maintain a barefoot horse.


Natural Hoof Care Talks

Both Gates and Susanne are available for ˝-1 hr talks on natural horse keeping and natural hoof care.  This format is designed for clubs, children’s horse groups, or horse owner’s associations.


Hoofmanship 101

The introduction:  This one day clinic includes lecture and slide show, dissection of a cadaver hoof, and demonstration trims by both clinicians.  The 101 clinic is designed as in introduction to barefoot hoof care and natural horse care methodologies.


Hoofmanship 102

The basics of learning to trim your own horses:  This ˝ day clinic is designed to introduce the tools and techniques necessary for owners to start learning how to maintain barefoot hooves.  Anyone new to barefoot hoof care and trimming needs to start here for hands on work.  Topics covered in this clinic included parts of the hoof, introduction to balance, mapping the hoof, basic steps for maintaining the mustang roll between the professional’s visits, and tool safety.  Trimming will be demonstrated on the cadaver hooves and the focus of student study will be on diagrams and plaster models.


Hoofmanship 103

Learning to trim:  This one day clinic covers the basics of learning to trim and maintain a barefoot horse.  Anyone wanting to trim his or her own horses or anyone looking at trimming professionally should take this course.  Trimming will be done on cadaver hooves.


Hoofmanship 201

Advanced hoof care:  This ˝ day clinic includes the following topics: Daily care for injured hooves - founder, laminitis, infections, etc

Hoof boots – tips and tricks on how to use the most common brands

                    of boots


Hoofmanship 202

Horse handling skills for farriers:  This is an introduction to natural training methods and techniques working under a horse.   This half day class will cover how to hold a horse for your farrier and how to train your horse to pick up its feet nicely.  Demonstrations will be done with live horses and will include how to introduce a horse to boots and soaking pools.


Hoofmanship 203

Advanced trimming:  Half day class on trimming a foundered, navicular or injured horse.




For more information or to schedule a clinic you can contact Susanne or Gates