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Susanne's History

Susanne started trimming horses in 1994. Her first horse was diagnosed with mechanical founder secondary to white line disease. After being unable to find a farrier to trim her horse, she got the farrier instruction books from Oklahoma State University and picked up her first set of trimming tools. The information available at that time on founder was very scarce. Susanne regularly searched the web for information on founder and laminitis. Two years later during one of these research scans, she found the natural trimming methods that claimed to be able to help foundered horses when used in conjunction with natural living conditions and a more natural diet. For years she picked up every book she could find including books and videos from Jamie Jackson, Dr Strasser, Pete Ramey, and KC LaPerrier.

In 2001, Susanne had her first opportunity to go to a hands-on clinic for barefoot hoof care with Martha Olivo. This started her journey into specialized trimming for rehabilitation. For 2 years she dedicated her time to horse rescues in Texas, trimming any hoof problems that came into the foster home. These horses primarily had laminitis/ founder issues, but there were a few with navicular or hoof injuries that needed special care.

In 2004 Susanne was certified as Mentor Hoof Groom through Martha Olivo’s two week hands-on training program. In 2006, she joined the AANHCP organization but was unable to comply with the new directive in early 2008 on how to trim foundered horses by calculating angles. She dropped the student status in Feb 2008.

Susanne still focuses on trimming primarily rehabilitation cases that are in the greatest need of specialized care. She trims primarily in the north Houston and College Station area for any horse, and will travel to central and east Texas for special rehabilitation cases.


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